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All my updates will appear here - you may wonder why here and not on various social media channels? It's a long story but basically I've tried most of them and found they just don't work for me.

The sense of being constantly connected just didn't give me enough distance and brain space to focus on creating.

Creating something is a also very different process to publicising it, and trying to do those two things at the same time just didn't mix well for me either.

I understand other peoeple can handle those challenges, but I can't! - and I need that sense of distance and detachedness in order to be at my most creative and productive.

I do feel it's good to get current information out there though - hence this page. 


Last day of filming Honeysuckle Way - early 2017 26th of June 2017

Welcome to my new web page. I'll update things here from time to time. At the moment I'm finishing the rough cut of Honeysuckle Way and starting on my new novel - as well as gearing up for more shooting on our nature doco The Point. I'm also going to be in Brisbane tomorrow and will be asking a few bookshops about stocking The Forest of Life too :-)