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Beyond Our Shores

After years spent in a detention centre the Khayyars, an Afghani refugee family made up of Qasim, Nujood and their young son Shadar, decide to travel to a country Queensland town to settle and start their new life.

At the same time the Richards family welcomes back their estranged daughter Nicola, after many years away dealing with a drug addiction.

The Khayyars book a room at the local motel, immediately arousing the suspicions of the elderly owners, and Nicola moves back in to her family home.

What happens next divides the families and community in a way they simply must resolve.

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Novel: The Forest of Life
The  Forest of Life

Earth at the end of the 22nd Century – population 12 billion with only 1 stand of environment left – walled off and protected from everyone. But life continues as normal – food is recycled, economies grow and space is explored.

A young 20 year old woman Michelle Holland leaves her home on the Moon for her new life on Earth and meets Matthew Finler a naïve and idealistic computer programmer. They fall in love and begin a tempestuous relationship – torn between a love for each other but radically different views on the world.

They struggle with this until Matthew discovers something that will change their life and the future of the entire world, if only they can prove it.

Part love story, part scarily prescient vision of the future The Forest of Life is a book that will move you like few others.

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A collection of metaphysical poetry and lyrics collated from the years 1988 to 1999.
It covers themes of personal love, existentialism and transcendental universalism. Beginning from a point of relative naivity it charts a transition from innocence and Christianity to transcendental universalism, self acceptance and universal love

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Doco: Hiri Moale Hiri Moale

For thousands of years the Motuan people, from what is now Port Moresby, built giant double hulled canoes, called Lakatois, and sailed them westward with the winds across the Gulf of Papua, in what has become known as the legendary Hiri Trade.

No actual Lakatois survived the great era of the Hiri trade.

Until now.

Hiri Moali follows an archaeological expedition and tells the story of not just the Hiri Trade, but of a villages concerted attempt to preserve their culture and find their place in the world.


Hold Me Tight

Inspired by actual historical events Hold Me Tight tells the story of escaped convict Allan Cameron, who flees the brutal Moreton Bay Penal Colony in 1842, only to find that life on the run is in many ways harder, and that freedom really is a state of mind.

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Honeysuckle Way

Amanda is a cheeky and free spirited Year 12 High School student - she dreams of just having fun and breaking free from her suburban life.

When her mother gets a new boyfriend her world is turned upside down when she is brutally raped by him one night.

With a disbelieving mother and no support she ends up living on the streets in Brisbane. She soon meets Adam, another homeless youth with an addiction to maintain, but he is caring and charismatic and they fall in love.

Supporting themselves by stealing they are both living a life they know they can't sustain, and they are both faced with seperate decisions they have to make in order to have some kind of future for themselves.

Making of

Human Interface Parser

Everything you wanted to know about the universe but were too afraid to ask in 53 minutes of bizarre and surreal sketch comedy.

From philosophical cavemen, to music svengalis to the real reason men do housework - there's something in here you need to know. You know that's true, unless you don't - and if you don't believe me then see this - by which time you will know it so you'll never know whether or not you don't know it. I have no idea what that means either.


It's Not About Saving the World

Alone in a room with just a camera running writer/director/actor Scot McPhie sits down and delivers 94 ideas to make life and the world better.


Feature Film: In My Image In My Image

David Miller is an idealist in the colonial frontier of highland
New Guinea in 1938.

Having given away law to work as an anthropologist and gain a greater insight into the traditional beliefs of the natives he finds himself once again drawn back into law when he reluctantly agrees to represent T’Laupo, a highlander charged with murder, after a traditional pay back killing.

As David investigates the case and re-establishes an old friendship with another highlander, Jainantu, he finds that all is not as it seems - and the greatest lessons are the ones we learn ourselves.

An intelligent drama that studies the psychology of religion and aetheism, and the colonial treatment of New Guinea

Movie                                                                                          Making of Doco

It's Brisbane Tonight Wow!
Co-written with Micky Steel

Rick Stinger is down on his luck. His comedy career is a disaster, his car won’t work, and the local community TV station won’t show his short film.

But when Rick goes to pick up his film from the station it turns out to be the best move he’s ever made.

When a storm hits the station and flash flooding is all around, Rick suddenly becomes the right man in the right place at the right time.

With no guests able to make it to the local tonight show, the host Lee talks Rick into impersonating each of them as the show goes live to air. Not knowing the actual guests are holed up in a local pub watching with mounting anger, and the show's sponsor is in the control room with mounting disbelief.

What follows is pure hillarity.

Will Rick save the day, will the real guests get their revenge, will the sponsor ever sell rugs again?


The Sash

Ned Kelly is captured at Glenrowan and then nursed back to health so he can be executed.

In this time in gaol he forms a special bond with his warders and an ardent group of supporters desperately trying to save his life, but as the clock ticks down he must reconcile his sins with his impending death.

eBook Screenplay


A short piece of tone prose, stream of consciousness


Sleeping On Her Couch

A beautiful woman sleeps on a couch and world of feeling unlocks in a poet watching her.

An adaption of Richard Leigh's 17th century poem of the same name.


Some Obscure Comedy Show

The action of the play takes place in a small Hungarian village towards the end of the 19th Cnetury. Helga, a shy but wise druids daughter, is posing as a milk-maid in a farm outside of the village, whilst secretly building a laser at night....well no, no really, the play's got nothing to do wtih that, I just thought I'd throw it in for no reason in's actually a riotous sketch comedy show - featuring a dozen or so sketches and another dozen or so monologues and linking segments.

Completely and proudly politically incorrect!

eBook Stage Play

Tale of Two Men

A good man is hard to find, a perfect man even harder.

Elizabeth is beginning to wonder if such a thing even exists and then two completely different men walk into her life, Arnold - intelligent and articulate, Jack - physical and forthright.

They both fall for her, and she falls for them, but she can't have both, and they're not going to leave her wondering either.

eBook Stage Play

Comedy Album: The Smooth End of the Pineapple The Smooth End of the Pineapple
Co-written with Matt Bell

Recorded in a state of the art 128 track digital recording studio, utilising 64 bit 128 KHz uncompressed 7.1 surround sound this is The Smooth End of the Pineapple’s debut album The Smooth End of the Pineapple.

And it sounds really good. So good in fact they had to go back and add all sorts of artefacting and sucky effects just so it would sound like it was recorded in a living room in suburban Brisbane.

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Comedy Album: The Smooth End of the Pineapple Live at the Fringe!
Co-written with Matt Bell

Recorded on Friday the 22nd of August, 2014 in front of a mostly alive audience at the Depo Café in Brisbane, this album captures the Pineapples in full flight.

Witness a lady who wants to be turned into a parrot, a choose-your-own crocodile restaurant, live ammunition training, a mammoth foreskin that saw the ice age, and life changes that only the discerning gentleman could understand.

Whatever your taste in comedy, one thing is for sure; listening to this album live is far more enjoyable than listening to it dead.

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"You're best at something when you have no idea what you're doing
~ because then it's all passion - it's authentic - even if it's crap!
And I'd much rather make authentic crap than contrived "brilliance"
- because that's the real crap"

                                                                                                   - Scot